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Vines on Clark (Bar, Wrigleyville)

Location: 3554 N. Clark St.
Phone: 773-327-8572
Cuisine: American
Reservations: accepted for parties of 6 or more, except on Thursday nights

"Located kiddy corner from Wrigley Field, Vines on Clark’s ideal location is not the only element that differentiates it from the multitude of Wrigleyville bars and restaurants. To begin with, Vines is not as cramped as many of its fellow Clark Street pubs. From the outdoor patio to the large dining room lined with flat screens, everything feels more spacious when compared to its neighboring establishments. More critical, however, is the fact that the cuisine here is delicious. While bar food favorites such as nachos and burgers are included, the extensive menu goes beyond your typical casual fare. Vines exudes more of a relaxed, restaurant vibe than that of a crazy college bar, making it a great place to catch up with friends. On Thursday evenings starting at 7:00, Vines is the place to be, as it offers half priced burgers and a friendly (but still competitive!) game of trivia. Whether you are a regular contender or just want to stop by one night to test your arsenal of random, useless facts, trivia is a great way to kick off “Friday Eve” festivities. Day or night, Vines is one of my all time favorite spots on Clark, so check it out!"